Zero to Dockerized Java, Step-by-Step

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of work with Containers and Container-related technology in AWS, and one conversation that keeps coming up over and over again is, “How do I get started containerizing my application?” and similarly, “How do I get my container running in the cloud?”

There are lots of resources available to answer these questions, but I find usually:

  1. These resources don’t take you all the way to the beginning, or…
  2. They have too many bells and whistles, with lots of “magic” going on behind the scenes.

In this post, I’m going to assume you are a developer who knows his/her craft very well. You know your code, you know how to build it, and how to get it running. (In this example, we’ll be using Java, but the example can be applied to almost any web language or framework.) Instead, I will assume that you need a ground-up example of how to containerize and start your application in the cloud, so we will focus on that.

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This weekend I got curious. How lightweight could an Amazon S3 download script be?

There are plenty of AWS and S3 command line tools and libraries for everyone’s favorite scripting languages, but as I’m currently working in the IoT space, I wondered what the smallest number of dependencies was that I could get away with and still authenticate a private file download.

Here is what I came up with: Continue reading